Filipino style adobong Rabbit and Lamb.

My first Easter in Italy in my Italian parents in law. Cooking a rabbit for the first time in a Filipino style recipe.

Filipino style eggplant salad.

Today is Easter, Happy Easter. Forgive and forget and be at your kitchen. Everything will be okay despite you are alone to face your challenges.

Japanese karaage/ fried chicken/pritong manok with rice lemongrass.

Karaage? It is very well known also as fried chicken. In Japan, I used to order this with the flavour of ginger. Specially at Izakaya. The word izakaya entered the English language by 1987. It is a compound word consisting of i (to stay) and sakaya (sake shop), indicating that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises…


Do not waste an old bread,grilled it and you can be awesome to make different ingredients left over at your fridge. As the way my Mom saying is like left over rice we never throw because we do not want to waste our blessings.

Ravioli pasta sauce with butter and sage.

To be honest I am not really a good fan eating of ravioli pasta.There are many ways of cooking this pasta dish over the white sauce or red sauce. The simplest one by my mother in law cooked with butter and sage. Sometime the Italian really love to eat over tomato sauce or with ragu…

Eggplant Italian pasta with tomato sauce.

Are you a Filipina or Asian that are fed up cooking a fried eggplant? How about grilling it first then making the sauce over sugar cane vinegar,lemonsito,ginger,tomatoes? Or boiling it with the same sauce ingredients? How about tortang talong (grilled first then peeled) with scramble eggs and garlic onions? or eggplant with coconut milk? Are…

Italian mushroom pasta with parmesan and pecorino cheese

I love Italian mushrooms pasta in parmesan and pecorino cheese. Usually this dish with salsiccia in Italy but for now i prefer just a mushroom for another twist. So here it is my video tutorial and the recipes hope you like it my lovely friends. COURSE: first course CUISINE: Italian AUTHOR:ellentravellingkitchen PREP TIME:30 minutes INGREDIENTS: 5 pcs….

I missed my Father…

This year is reviewing all the stress that I have been through a lot this past year. Now I decided to wrote those things that made me upset. I did questioned my self where did I go wrong?Is not enough what I help through all this years? Because I can not help, now do I…

Carrot & cucumber kimchi salad

Omoide (memories) A word I can define of my old memories way back in Japan. But let me tell you this dish I am going to make today is not originally from Japan but in Korea. Kimchi is a traditional  side-dish of Korea. It was made from fermented salted vegetables usually with a napa cabbage….

Lifestyle abroad

So here I am begin to share my thoughts about my lifestyle living abroad. Currently I am living in Aveiro, Portugal which is 57 kilometers away from the city of Porto, Portugal where the airport is nearer than Lisbon. Since my husband is working here so we have to move on I gave up my…